Delivering Informative First Aid Courses

for Businesses and Individuals Throughout Kent and the South East

First Aid Training Course


Providing engaging and beneficial training courses for your workforce, we conduct a Business Needs Analysis of your company to ensure our service meets your expectations.

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First Aid Courses

Tailoring all first aid and health and safety courses to the needs of your business, we ensure all your employees engage in an informative, fun and enlightening training course.

Business Strategy

Platinum Business Services

Specialising in business support for strategic planning through establishing the Vision and Strategic objectives to create a business plan that analyses data and trends to improve business productivity.

Enrol your employees on one of our first aid courses today.

Professional Development

Offering an assortment of training courses at various levels, we adapt our services to suit the needs of your business.

About Us

Expand and enhance the skills of your employees with our range of training courses. Offering an assortment of training that is focused on the needs of businesses and customers including health and safety, first aid and business performance, we ensure your employees are equipped with the knowledge needed to act effectively in any situation. Providing all companies with tailored and quality businesses solutions is of paramount importance to us, and our team ensure that they have a full understanding of your needs to make sure our courses meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. The founder and director of our company boasts an impressive 25 years of experience in Further Education and 5 years in First Aid, and we pride ourselves on the excellent customer feedback we receive daily. Working closely with all customers and companies, our training consultants deliver tailored, engaging, fun and cost-effective first aid courses. For additional information about the variety of training courses we offer, please contact our training consultants in Kent, South East.